Eliciting the Voices of Children from Birth to Seven Look Who’s Talking:
Look Who’s Talking: Creating a space for authentic voice for children 7 and under
12th -15th June 2017 Lord Hope Building, University of Strathclyde

The second 4 day seminar will aim to synthesise thinking and allow participants to look forwards to identify the needs and opportunities of the field

The following questions will prompt dialogue at this seminar along with the excerpts of practice submitted via this website by practitioners:

  • What are the affordances and constraints of policies and practices that aim to facilitate voice with young children?
  • How are physical, social and metacognitive spaces for eliciting authentic young children’s voices constructed and maintained?
  • How does eliciting voices contribute to the development of more effective and equitable provision for young children?
  • In what aspects of early years and school life are measures taken to elicit the voices of children under 7; and in which areas aspects are children’s voices marginalised and excluded?
  • What guidelines can we provide to support the practice of eliciting voice with young children?