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Eliciting the Voices of Children from Birth to Seven Look Who’s Talking:

There are a range of outcomes from the different events
Visual minutes
Albi Taylor, a graphic facilitator, attended all aspects of the seminars and acted as scribe to the discussion. As a result we have visual minutes of each of the 4 parts of the seminar. In the beautiful representation that Albi produced, it is possible to see the emerging thinking, key concepts and discussion points on which we focused. From this page of the website it is possible to download those images so they can be viewed in detail.

Public lectures
At each of the wider seminars a public lecture was held with the invited international scholars providing an overview of their thinking in the area. Their presentations were filmed and are available to view here. In addition there was an expert panel providing response and fielding questions from the audience.

Articles and reports
The intention is to provide a wide range of outcomes from the seminar series. As reports, articles and presentations are generated they will be up loaded here for access.

Reading lists
This seminar series was set up as there is limited work in the field of voice with young children. On this page you will find an evolving list of reading from the field. This is not a definitive list, but it is a useful starting point for someone wanting to find out more about voice with young children.