Eliciting the Voices of Children from Birth to Seven Look Who’s Talking:
Public Lecture: Lasse Lipponen and Dana Mitra
12th June 2017 The Stenhouse Building, University of Strathclyde

Two international speakers, Lasse Lipponen (University of Helsinki) and Dana Mitra (Penn State University) and an expert panel will explore the issues around voice and children aged from birth to seven years.

Professor Dana Mitra, Penn State University, USA

Student voice: Pathways to partnership, civic engagement and youth development

This presentation takes concepts common in the student voice literature for older children and considers ways in which the youngest students have the similar capacities. It considers the types of partnerships that can be formed, opportunities for civic engagement that can make a difference, and ways that student voice can foster developmental capacities of agency, belonging, competence, and discourse.

Professor Lasse Lipponen, University of Helsinki, Finland

Dynamics of listening and producing children’s voices

Early childhood education has seen a growing interest in listening to children’s voices. In terms of research, it seems fair to argue that the relationship between how adults listen to children, and the ways that children are encouraged to represent and produce their voices is commonly seen as unproblematic. This has led to an empirical and theoretical position whereby the relationship between these two aspects is impoverished. In this presentation, applying ideas from Hegel, and Honneth, I will analyze and theorize the dynamics between listening and producing voices. I will discuss the educational implications of my analysis.


Professor Kate Wall, University of Strathclyde

Expert Panel

Dr Mhairi Beaton, Aberdeen University

Professor Pia Christensen, Leeds University

Dr Claire Cassidy, University of Strathclyde

Dr John I’Anson, Stirling University

PUBLIC LECTURE poster (June)